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The HydrogenNowCast is devoted to encouraging the deployment of Fuel Cell EV’s, hydrogen fueling and hydrogen infrastructure throughout the world.  Our intent is to encourage and motivate others to take charge, to help deploy hydrogen as a means to decarbonize the transportation and energy sectors, and accelerate the movement to stop climate change.

In each podcast, we’ll interview the people, organizations, companies and municipalities that are working to produce or deploy hydrogen technology.  We’ll discuss their plans and strategies, successes and lessons-learned.

Our intent is to encourage and motivate others to take charge, to help deploy hydrogen as a means to decarbonize transportation, and accelerate the movement to stop climate change.
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Show Notes

Episode 84 - A Path to Zero Carbon Industry - Jeffrey Rissman,  Senior Director of the Industry program at Energy Innovation, a non-partisan energy and climate-policy think-tank. gives an overview of his book Zero-Carbon Industry which is a fantastic reference and roadmap for Industrial decarbonization.  Transcript here.


Episode 83 - Electrochemical Compressors and Purification with HyET Hydrogen - An interview with HyET Head of Business Development Quinten Swanborn.  Transcript here.

Episode 82 - Geological Hydrogen - Guest Geoffrey Ellis of the US Geological Survey and The Colorado School of Mines  gives an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding geological or Natural Hydrogen.  Transcript here.


Episode 81 - Saoradh Hydrogen Data Map - The Venture Capital firm Saoradh has captured most of the hydrogen sector data which can be queried and displayed visually.  They also have a hydrogen newsfeed which captures, breaks down and curates hydrogen news. Transcript here.

Episode 80 - DOT Grant for 3 Hydrogen Fuel Stations in Colorado - The US DOT has awarded a grant to Colorado State University and New Day Hydrogen for the first 3 hydrogen fuel stations in Colorado.  This interview is with Seth Terry, CEO of New Day Hydrogen. Transcript here.

Episode 79 - Where will use hydrogen?  Confusion seems rampant as to where to best use hydrogen.  This podcast provides an objective analysis of those uses and why.  We also cover the uses of electricity and biofuel.  Here is a table of the clean energy usess and the Transcript is here.


Episode 78 - Hydrogen-as-a-Service for Commercial Fleets - An interview with Quantron and New Day Hydrogen who together are offering a complete hydrogen trucking package for fleets.  Transcript here.

Episode 77 - Accelera by Cummins - An interview with Alison Trueblood and Alex Savelli of Accelera by Cummins.  Learn how Cummins is evolving their technologies to reach zero emissions across their product portfolio.  Transcript here.

Episode 76 - Dialog with Hysky Society - A joint podcast with Danielle McLean, the CEO of the non-profit HySky Society, a hydrogen advocacy organization for aircraft.


Episode 75 - Hydrogen Production Tax Credits - This podcast offers more appropriate rules to be used for for hydrogen generation to qualify for production tax credits such as the US Inflation Reduction Act 45V.  Transcript here.

Episode 74 - Unique Hydrogen Leak Detectors - In this podcast we reveal tiny, inexpensive hydrogen detectors from Element One that can be liberally sprinkled around a system to find, notify and PINPOINT hydrogen leaks. Plus paint and tape that changes color in the presence of hydrogen. Transcript here.

Episode 73 - Risktec risk management company - Hydrogen risk management encompasses more than just fire and explosion but includes other things like equipment down-time, supply chain and workforce pitfalls. Listen to how experienced help is available from companies like Risktec.

Episode 72- Hydrogen Fueling in Costa Rica - Interview with astronaut Franklin Chang-Dia who has deployed a hydrogen fuel station in Costa Rica.  Franklin is a former NASA Astronaut and the CEO of Ad Astra Rocket Company.  Transcript here.

Episode 71 - Deploying the Hydrogen Transportation Ecosystem Outside California - An interview with New Day Hydrogen to discover how they're bringing together hydrogen fuel stations, fleet customers, vehicles and vehicle funding support in a complete package to deploy hydrogen transportation.  Transcript here.

Episode 70 - Biological Carbon Capture Part 2 - A description of one of the most important technologies of our day -- Direct Air Carbon Capture using algae, and additionally how it can contribute to solving hard-to-decarbonize sectors like aviation, maritime and building heating.  Transcript Here.

Episode 68 - Clean Hydrogen from Petroleum Wells - In this interview with Grant Strem and Calvin Johnson from Proton Technology, we find out how hydrogen can be pulled from petroleum deposits while leaving the carbon in the ground.  Transcript here.

Episode 61 - Natural Hydrogen WellsHydrogen is generated underground in a natural and continuous process.  Learn more about this process and how this can be a significant source of zero greenhouse gas energy in this interview with Viacheslav Zgonnik.  Transcript here.


Episode 51 - Direct Air Carbon Capture Using Algae - Carbon Capture using biology is real, it's economical and it can pull carbon directly from the atmosphere.   Listen to  this interview with Richard Sayre PhD, formerly with Los Alamos National Labs, about using algae for carbon capture.  And notice to entrepreneurs and investors: we're looking for people to see this work through.  Transcript here.

Episode 49 - Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines - An interview with Jim Nebergall, the General Manager for hydrogen engines at Cummins.  During the podcast we mention NPROXX hydrogen storage and SuperTurbo.

Episode 48 - Ideas for the Green Hydrogen Ecosystem - An interview with Steven Kloos, the CEO of AquaHydrex and a partner with True North Venture Partners.  We talk about Green Hydrogen's role in the energy transition.


Episode 47 - Hydrogen and Colorado - An overview of the evolving hydrogen ecosystem in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain states as well as reference to the Western Inter-States Hydrogen Hub pursuit see:


Episode 46 - Hydrogen for Home Energy Storage - In this episode we interview two students from the University of Colorado, and the company ElektrikGreen, who have teamed with Habitat for Humanity  to create an entry in the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition.  You can reach Kyle Biega at, Paul Neumann at, Jane Allo at and find ElektrikGreen at You can help support the Solar Decathlon entry by making a tax deductible donation at the University of Colorado crowd funding site here.


Episode 45 - Hydrogen for Transportation.  In this podcast, host Brian DeBruine discusses why hydrogen is so vital to decarbonize the transportation sector.

Episode 44 - (Hydrogen) Business 101.  Ideas for building hydrogen demand.  Here's the link to the paper regarding hydrogen wells.

Episode 43 - Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines.  In this interview with Tom Waldron of the Colorado company SuperTurbo, we talk about the surge in interest of running large commercial piston engines on hydrogen.  SuperTurbo makes a device that increases the efficiency and engine air control.

Episode 42 - Peace & Goodwill In the Energy Transition.  In the spirit of Christmas, this brief podcast talks about how to overcome contempt and work in harmony to promote the Energy Transition to help limit Climate Change.

Episode 41 – Horizon Educational. An interview with Max Accordino (, Business Development Manager with Horizon Educational who makes kits that come with educational materials for teaching about hydrogen technology.  And the kits also make great gifts for young people.


Episode 40 – Xebec a Renewable Gas Equipment Supplier.  An interview with Yulia Burt (,Sales & Business Development Director, and Roy Van Oevelen, ( Business Development Manager for the Xebec HyGear division in Arnhem, Netherlands.  Xebec makes equipment for the production of renewable and low-carbon gases used in energy, transportation and industrial applications.


Episode 39 – HydroStar Electrolyzers.  HydroStar USA has a new low-cost electrolyzer design. Learn about it in this interview with Blake Putney (


Episode 38 – The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. An interview with Matthew Klippenstein ( of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Episode 37 – Overcoming Failure of Imagination.  A discussion around examples of Failure of Imagination in the hydrogen ecosystem.

Episode 36 – Deploying a Hydrogen Fuel Station.  An Interview with Skyler McKinley (SMcKinley@COLORADO.AAA.COM), Regional Director of Public Affairs, AAA Colorado and Patty Kelley (, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Legal Officer for New Day Hydrogen on a joint venture to develop the hydrogen transportation ecosystem in Denver


Episode 35 –  Methanol as a Hydrogen Carrier Part 2.  Another look as using methanol as an efficient hydrogen carrier.


Episode 34 – The Hydrogen Podcast for Hydrogen Skeptics.  This show answers criticisms about hydrogen and explains why hydrogen is essential to decarbonize the energy sectors.


Episode 33 – Methanol as a Hydrogen Carrier.  An interview with Robert Meaney (, Managing Director of Kaizen Clean Energy to talk about carbon-neutral, biomass-to-methanol-hydrogen.


Episode 32 – Energy Independence Now.  An interview with Brian Goldstein (, the Executive Director of Energy Independence Now and DriveH2 in California.


Episode 31 – EV Fueling and Charging.  A description of the differences between EV hydrogen fueling and charging when they're done at scale.

Episode 30 - Fuel Cell India Magazine.  This podcast features an interview with entrepreneur Ashwini Kumar who is starting a magazine, Fuel Cell India, to advocate for hydrogen technology in India.


Episode 29 - Resolving the Hydrogen Color Chaos.  With just 4 colors, we can specify whether any source of hydrogen emits carbon or not, and whether the source is renewable or not.


Episode 28 - All About HyDeal  HyDeal is a program to develop low-cost hydrogen supply and demand. This episode features an interview with Janice Lin of Strategen and the Green Hydrogen Coalition.


Episode 27 - Hydrogen from Trash  An interview with Jean-Louis Kindler, the CEO of Ways2H, to talk about turning trash - including plastic - into hydrogen.


Episode 26 - Which EV would Einstein Buy?  We jump forward in time to the year 2024, to eavesdrop on a conversation between a car salesman and Albert Einstein as he shops for an Electric Vehicle .


Episode 25 - Venture Capital For Green Hydrogen.  Interview with Girish Nadkarni, who is the CEO of Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Peter Mackey who is the VP of Strategy & Policy Support for Hydrogen Energy with Air Liquide, and Giancarlo Savini, who is the Director of Ventures and Partnerships with Honeywell Performance Materials & Technologies 


Episode 24 - Kubagen Hydrogen Tank Storage.  Hydrogen tank storage at four times the storage of 700 bar at only 150 bar using a novel hydride material in this interview with Dr. David Antonelli of the company Kubagen.


Episode 23 - Dash2Energy Interview - DasH2Energy is a renewable hydrogen development company .  We interview Gordon Dash, the CEO.


Episode 22 - Venture Capital for Hydrogen.  An interview with AP Ventures, a Venture Capital firm in London specializing in financing for hydrogen.


Episode 21 - Environmental Tech Briefs.  Review of three tech briefs covering: EV comparisons, and the storage and transport of hydrogen.  The slides for each Tech Brief are available on the website at


Episode 20 - Addressing Environmental Criticisms of Hydrogen. This podcast was created to provide background for the global discussion of the environmental merits or issues around the use of hydrogen in the Energy Transition.


Episode 19 - Hydrogen Pipelines and Geothermal energy.  An interview with Bill Leighty of the Leighty Foundation talking about hydrogen pipelines and new pipe that can handle hydrogen.  We also discuss geothermal as a future energy source.


Episode 18 - An interview with New Day Hydrogen.  A new company formed to promote the hydrogen market by developing, financing, and deploying accessible infrastructure and customers.

Episode 17 - An interview with Xavier d’Hubert who’s a member of the Colorado Hydrogen Network and is an independent consultant in the area of using hydrogen in large-scale industrial processes. Contact: and

Episode 16 - "Colorado Hydrogen Network Anniversary and End of Year State of Hydrogen"

Episode 15 - "Micro Hydroelectric Generators for Hydrogen Generation".  An interview with Frank Zammataro, the founder of HydroCosm who uses small hydroelectric generators to recover wasted energy from water systems and then applies that green energy to power electrolyzers to generate hydrogen.  Also see the article: "Is the Hydrogen Highway Already Here?"

Episode 14 - " Midwest Energy Production" This episode features an interview with Brian LaPlante who is working to organize the chain of the production and distribution of renewable energy in the midwestern wind and solar belt. The transmission media for energy includes both hydrogen and ammonia. Brian can be contacted at


Episode 13 - "Extracting Pure Hydrogen From Petroleum Wells" - What if we could pull just hydrogen out of petroleum wells, and leave the carbon in the ground?  Our interview today is with a Canadian company – Proton Technologies – that is doing just that.  Besides being able to create large amounts of green hydrogen at very low prices, what’s most exciting about this is that it gives all the oil and gas companies a zero-carbon use for their petroleum wells PLUS it gives them an off-ramp from the oil business and an on-ramp to the hydrogen business.  See: and also see the YouTube video at:

Episode 12 - "Hydrogen is not a commodity like petroleum - Understanding the Electricity-Hydrogen-Ammonia Paradigm".  Slides for Episode 12.  You also can view a video of the webinar which includes the slides and Q&A at: Other links:,

Episode 11 - "Home Hydrogen Generators from ElektrikGreen" Interview with Cathy Kramer, the Chief Marketing Officer,and Jeff Mason, the Chief Operations Officer.

Episode 10 - "Colorado's First Hydrogen Fueling Station" located at the Colorado State University Energy Institute.

Episode  9 - "The Green Hydrogen Coalition"  An interview with the Executive Director Dr. Laura Nelson.

Episode  8 - "HyET Hydrogen"  An interview with Alexis Dubois PhD, Managing Director of HyET USA.  HyET designs and manufactures electrochemical compressors.

Episode  7 - "The Renewable Hydrogen Alliance" in Portland, OR  An interview with Ken Dragoon, the Executive Director.

Episode  6 - "The Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Collaborative" in Cleveland, OH  An interview with Andrew Thomas, Director and Mark Henning, Research Associate. Also see: the Stark Area Regional Transportation Authority (SARTA).

Episode  5 -"Low Cost Alternative for Hydrogen Fueling"  Link: Millennium Reign Energy

Episode  4 - The Ammonia Podcast.  Colorado Hydrogen Network Communications Director Charlotte Hamilton interviews Jennifer Beach, Chief Operations Officer for Starfire Energy who makes efficient, scalable devices that turn renewable energy into green ammonia.  Starfire also makes devices to generate hydrogen from ammonia.


Episode  3 - "The NREL Episode" - An interview with Keith Wipke from NREL.

Episode 2- "The Mission and Initiatives of the Colorado Hydrogen Network"


Episode  1 - "Fundamentals of Fuel Cell EV's and Hydrogen Fueling"

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