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The HydrogenNowCast is devoted to encouraging the deployment of Fuel Cell EV’s, hydrogen fueling and hydrogen infrastructure throughout the world.  Our intent is to encourage and motivate others to take charge, to help deploy hydrogen as a means to decarbonize the transportation and energy sectors, and accelerate the movement to stop climate change.

In each podcast, we’ll interview the people, organizations, companies and municipalities that are working to produce or deploy hydrogen technology.  We’ll discuss their plans and strategies, successes and lessons-learned.

Our intent is to encourage and motivate others to take charge, to help deploy hydrogen as a means to decarbonize transportation, and accelerate the movement to stop climate change.

Podcast episodes are released every other Friday.

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Show Notes

Episode 30 - Fuel Cell India Magazine.  This podcast features an interview with entrepreneur Ashwini Kumar who is starting a magazine, Fuel Cell India, to advocate for hydrogen technology in India.


Episode 29 - Resolving the Hydrogen Color Chaos.  With just 4 colors, we can specify whether any source of hydrogen emits carbon or not, and whether the source is renewable or not.


Episode 28 - All About HyDeal  HyDeal is a program to develop low-cost hydrogen supply and demand. This episode features an interview with Janice Lin of Strategen and the Green Hydrogen Coalition.


Episode 27 - Hydrogen from Trash  An interview with Jean-Louis Kindler, the CEO of Ways2H, to talk about turning trash - including plastic - into hydrogen.


Episode 26 - Which EV would Einstein Buy?  We jump forward in time to the year 2024, to eavesdrop on a conversation between a car salesman and Albert Einstein as he shops for an Electric Vehicle .


Episode 25 - Venture Capital For Green Hydrogen.  Interview with Girish Nadkarni, who is the CEO of Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Peter Mackey who is the VP of Strategy & Policy Support for Hydrogen Energy with Air Liquide, and Giancarlo Savini, who is the Director of Ventures and Partnerships with Honeywell Performance Materials & Technologies 


Episode 24 - Kubagen Hydrogen Tank Storage.  Hydrogen tank storage at four times the storage of 700 bar at only 150 bar using a novel hydride material in this interview with Dr. David Antonelli of the company Kubagen.


Episode 23 - Dash2Energy Interview - DasH2Energy is a renewable hydrogen development company .  We interview Gordon Dash, the CEO.


Episode 22 - Venture Capital for Hydrogen.  An interview with AP Ventures, a Venture Capital firm in London specializing in financing for hydrogen.


Episode 21 - Environmental Tech Briefs.  Review of three tech briefs covering: EV comparisons, and the storage and transport of hydrogen.  The slides for each Tech Brief are available on the website at www.coloradohydrogen.org/resources.


Episode 20 - Addressing Environmental Criticisms of Hydrogen. This podcast was created to provide background for the global discussion of the environmental merits or issues around the use of hydrogen in the Energy Transition.


Episode 19 - Hydrogen Pipelines and Geothermal energy.  An interview with Bill Leighty of the Leighty Foundation talking about hydrogen pipelines and new pipe that can handle hydrogen.  We also discuss geothermal as a future energy source.


Episode 18 - An interview with New Day Hydrogen.  A new company formed to promote the hydrogen market by developing, financing, and deploying accessible infrastructure and customers.

Episode 17 - An interview with Xavier d’Hubert who’s a member of the Colorado Hydrogen Network and is an independent consultant in the area of using hydrogen in large-scale industrial processes. Contact: xavier.dhubert@xdh-energy.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/xavier-d-hubert-23a073200/

Episode 16 - "Colorado Hydrogen Network Anniversary and End of Year State of Hydrogen"

Episode 15 - "Micro Hydroelectric Generators for Hydrogen Generation".  An interview with Frank Zammataro, the founder of HydroCosm who uses small hydroelectric generators to recover wasted energy from water systems and then applies that green energy to power electrolyzers to generate hydrogen.  Also see the article: "Is the Hydrogen Highway Already Here?"


Episode 14 - " Midwest Energy Production" This episode features an interview with Brian LaPlante who is working to organize the chain of the production and distribution of renewable energy in the midwestern wind and solar belt. The transmission media for energy includes both hydrogen and ammonia. Brian can be contacted at backwhenfoods@outlook.com.


Episode 13 - "Extracting Pure Hydrogen From Petroleum Wells" - What if we could pull just hydrogen out of petroleum wells, and leave the carbon in the ground?  Our interview today is with a Canadian company – Proton Technologies – that is doing just that.  Besides being able to create large amounts of green hydrogen at very low prices, what’s most exciting about this is that it gives all the oil and gas companies a zero-carbon use for their petroleum wells PLUS it gives them an off-ramp from the oil business and an on-ramp to the hydrogen business.  See: https://proton.energy and also see the YouTube video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_U_ixFO8uw


Episode 12 - "Hydrogen is not a commodity like petroleum - Understanding the Electricity-Hydrogen-Ammonia Paradigm".  Slides for Episode 12.  You also can view a video of the webinar which includes the slides and Q&A at: https://vimeo.com/473551537. Other links: https://www.starfireenergy.com, https://www.eneusenergy.com


Episode 11 - "Home Hydrogen Generators from ElektrikGreen" https://elektrikgreen.com. Interview with Cathy Kramer, the Chief Marketing Officer,and Jeff Mason, the Chief Operations Officer.

Episode 10 - "Colorado's First Hydrogen Fueling Station" located at the Colorado State University Energy Institute.

Episode  9 - "The Green Hydrogen Coalition" https://www.ghcoalition.org.  An interview with the Executive Director Dr. Laura Nelson.

Episode  8 - "HyET Hydrogen" https://hyethydrogen.com.  An interview with Alexis Dubois PhD, Managing Director of HyET USA.  HyET designs and manufactures electrochemical compressors.

Episode  7 - "The Renewable Hydrogen Alliance" in Portland, OR https://renewableh2.org.  An interview with Ken Dragoon, the Executive Director.

Episode  6 - "The Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Collaborative" in Cleveland, OH http://www.midwesthydrogen.org.  An interview with Andrew Thomas, Director and Mark Henning, Research Associate. Also see: the Stark Area Regional Transportation Authority (SARTA).

Episode  5 -"Low Cost Alternative for Hydrogen Fueling"  Link: Millennium Reign Energy


Episode  4 -"The Ammonia Podcast" Links: https://www.starfireenergy.com


Episode  3 - "The NREL Episode" - An interview with Keith Wipke from NREL.


Episode 2- "The Mission and Initiatives of the Colorado Hydrogen Network"


Episode  1 - "Fundamentals of Fuel Cell EV's and Hydrogen Fueling"