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Membership in the Colorado Hydrogen Network is provided as a joint membership in both CHN and our parent organization, the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA).

Suggested Annual Dues

  • 1 – 20 employees, $1,000 annual membership fee

  • 21 – 50 employees, $2,500 annual membership fee

  • 51 – 150 employees, $5,000 annual membership fee

  • 151+ employees and research institutions, $10,000 annual membership fee

  • Individuals (no company affiliation), $500 annual membership fee

  • Pre-Series A Investment, $500 annual membership fee

To join the Colorado Hydrogen Network, we'll need to work with you to determine the membership level and arrange payment.  Please click the "Join" button, then provide us with some contact information, and we'll contact you shortly.

Contact List

If you don't want to join, but would still like to be on our contact list, receive our newsletter or receive notifications of meetings, please fill in the information below. 

Contact List

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