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to Deploy Hydrogen Technology

Photos courtesy of NREL

The Colorado Hydrogen Network Now has a YouTube channel!

We're now posting recordings of the CHN Monthly Meetings plus something new -- special video episodes of the HydrogenNowCast.  Check it out by clicking the YouTube logo:

  • Colorado Hydrogen Network

The US Department of Transportation Awards A Grant

for 3 Hydrogen Fuel Stations in Colorado

On Jan 11, 2024, the US DOT awarded almost $9 million to Colorado State University and New Day Hydrogen to design, build, deploy and operate 3 hydrogen fuel stations, the first public stations in Colorado. This historic event will give drivers and fleets a choice in Zero Emission Vehicles. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) provide the same performance and convenience as petroleum vehicles providing an easier transition to Electric Vehicles for users.  More information on the H2 Fuel Station Page.  See press release here.

If we fail to deploy Fuel Cell EV’s
we will fail to decarbonize transportation.

Why?  Because it’s clear that to save the climate and preserve our civilization, we need to replace every petroleum engine vehicle with Zero Emission Vehicles.

But polls by JD Power, Pew Research Center, Consumer Reports and Gallup Polls show that only 20% to 40% of the American driving public have any intention of purchasing a Battery EV.  That's because people will only accept Zero Emission Vehicles if they provide the same performance and convenience that they are used to.

But only Fuel Cell EV’s can give the same fast refueling, range, cold-weather range and load-carrying capability as petroleum vehicles.  So they can gain broad acceptance for all vehicle use-cases. 

Fuel Cell EV’s need hydrogen, but just a small number of hydrogen fuel stations in each market can enable the initial deployment of Fuel Cell EV’s.

The Colorado Hydrogen Network is working hard to deploy fuel stations and we encourage investor, businesses and the public to do the same. Please contact us if you have questions or want to help.

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